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Environmental Initiatives

Everything we do at Pihopa Retreat has the sustainability aim of having as low an impact as possible on our surroundings to ensure that it stays beautiful for the visitors of the future. Pihopa Retreat is located in Bishopdale and has for 170 years been a focal point in the life of the Nelson Diocese and its history is closely associated with the development of Nelson. With its historic chapel, residence, well-kept grounds and protected trees it is a unique area. As the current guardians of this special location, we want to ensure it is looked after for its guardians of the future.

Our environmental journey began when we established Pihopa Retreat and being in our infancy, we strive to make it in the forefront of our mind whilst we establish ourselves and our practices. We will continually review and adapt our practices to ensure that we are taking advantage of all appropriate initiatives to influence our impact on the world and our community.

We are a part of the Qualmark Enviro rating system and have a Gold Star Enviro rating for our efforts to-date.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices currently in place at Pihopa Retreat:

  • Option for guests to reuse towels, to save water and reduce chemical detergents
  • Recycling programme in place in suites and main house for aluminium, plastics, food waste, paper, cardboard, and glass
  • Buying locally made to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution and reduce our carbon miles, we are proud to say that every item we provide in our beautiful breakfast is locally produced
  • Excess food is distributed to the local community centres
  • Member of the “Keep NZ Beautiful” program
  • Biodegradable bin liners and bags
  • Reduce paper by electronic transmission of all documentation where possible, double sided printing, and use of recycled paper.
  • ‘EcoStore’ Biodegradable chemicals for cleaning and purchased in bulk
  • ‘Real World’ natural toiletries purchased in bulk and containers are returned and refilled when required. Their natural plant-based produce range is toxin and chemical free.
  • Suite toiletries are provided in recyclable containers
  • Actively avoid purchasing items that can’t be recycled
  • Breakfast food storage is done in reusable and washable containers
  • Beeswax wraps are used instead of gladwrap
  • Fruit and vegetable waste is composted in our worm farm
  • All laundry is washed onsite and sundried to conserve energy
  • Seasonal spray—free fruit from our Pihopa Retreat Garden is provided in the suites
  • We are a Carbon Positive business and have received Carbon Positive Certification
  • Nespresso Recycling process for all guest coffee pods
  • Our Suites are equipped with cutlery, dishware and glasses rather than disposable single-use items
  • Providing environmentally friendly and organic tea bags from Zealong, New Zealands only homegrown tea, with biodegradable bags and recyclable paper tags, using organic grade herbs fairly and sustainable sourced
  • Motion detector lights outside suite doors
  • Our breakfast spreads have been purchased from local suppliers or are made onsite
  • Our honey is made onsite by our busy bees
  • Suite toiletries made from Rockstock, and amazing ‘paper’ that is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (in the form of quarry waste)  It’s a tree free paper that helps reduce deforestation.  The contents include sustainable bamboo toothbrushes, timber combs and recycled timber shafts for the cotton buds, PLA compostable shower caps and a wheat straw plastic compostable handle on the razor.
  • Over 750 plants and trees have been planted at Pihopa Retreat since Jan 2021
  • We have a sustainability plan with goals for all 12 Tourism Sustainability Commitments that we are working towards.

We will endeavour to continually be adding to this list and improving our practices.

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Tiaki Promise Pihopa Retreat

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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Everything we do at Pihopa Retreat has the aim of having as low an impact as possible on our surroundings to ensure that it stays beautiful for the visitors of the future.

Tiaki Promise Pihopa Retreat
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